The woolly world of sheep shearing…

21st Apr 2024

Sheep shearing is a centuries-old practice that plays a crucial role in the agricultural calendar of the UK. Traditionally taking place from mid-May to mid-July, this process not only ensures the welfare of the sheep but also provides essential materials for various industries.

During the shearing season, farmers across the UK, us included, diligently work to shear their flocks, freeing them from heavy winter coats and preparing them for the warmer months ahead. This labour-intensive task requires skill and precision to ensure the sheep's safety and well-being throughout the process.

From the skilled hands of the shearers to the wool harvested, sheep shearing remains a cornerstone of British agriculture.

For those interested in learning more about the intricacies of sheep shearing and get to see it live, we invite you to our MEET THE FARMER WEEKEND - where all the family can see this time-honoured tradition in practice with our very own sheep shearing demonstrations.

Join us for 'Meet the Farmer' across two days - Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May 2024. 

You and your young farmers can get up close to huge farm vehicles, chat to real life farmers, watch the ploughs working the field, see the sheep being sheared and much more. 

Tickets are £5pp, purchased at the gate.

Please note; this does not include admission to Junior Farm and Fun Park, although tickets can be bought at a reduced rate on the day.