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Moving forward we have to ensure Wroxham Barns is sustainable and offering the best experience possible to our guests, during our closure it has allowed us breathing space and to reassess our business to ensure we continue welcoming thousands of visitors for many more years to come. Lots has changed in the past 37 years since opening, most notably the seasonality of our attraction side of the business (Junior Farm & Fun Park) and we haven’t had (until now) the opportunity to re-act and modify our offering to reflect this. So, from re-opening, Junior Farm will open Weekends from February Half term – October Half term, plus everyday for each school holiday, finally, reopening again for our Christmas experience at weekends in December.

To ensure you all have a safe AND enjoyable time on Junior Farm we have implemented a new booking procedure with updated safety on site.  For the time being ALL visits to the Junior Farm must be booked online either prior to your visit day or, if there is capacity online on your phone on the day, this allows us to manage capacity, queues and keep you safe. Please note this INCLUDES season passes and vouchers, season pass holders will need to book online and pay a nominal £1 booking fee to confirm your space, this will be redeemable to spend at Junior Farm, Fun Park, Gallery Gifts, The Restaurant and Farmyard Cafe.

 When booking you choose your arrival time, (every half an hour 10 – 3pm) and we close at 5pm. Junior Farm is operating a one way system, and some areas are closed for the time being these are: Piggy’s play sty indoor play, small animal centre, Bella’s Barn and The Goat Barn. However, we have worked hard on enhancing our offer so the Polly Tunnel has a new and exciting walk through Guinea Pig and Rabbit village – so cute! We also have some new animals, including a Cow, 6 Runner Ducks and our Goats have moved into a paddock, so rest assured all our paddocks are full. We also have a walk through educational area with stick insects, incubators, and information.


Say hello to Ant & Dec our cheeky, cuddly duo who have recently joined us on Junior Farm and are ready to welcome our visitors.


Our smallest and cutest animals are waiting for you in their new home!


Say hello to our goats, who have now been relocated to their very own paddock! We have a variety of breeds to learn about. Visitors can buy bags of feed to hand-feed our goats – make sure you hold the bag tight as they’re very greedy, but very friendly too and just love it when visitors take selfies with them to share on our social media and will happily strike the perfect pose for you.


Baaaaa! See our woolly sheep nibbling at the grass out in the paddock. In Spring, you may even see a baby lamb being born.


Currently Closed

In Bella’s Barn you’ll find play houses, ride-on tractors, lego and more. 


We’ve got hens galore in all colours, shapes and sizes. Take a look in the nest-boxes and you may be lucky enough to pick some fresh-laid eggs to buy and take home. While the “gobbling” turkeys will make you chuckle and just stand awhile to watch the ducks go gliding by on the pond.


Meet our various Pig breeds. Look out for Toffee and Humbug our micro pigs (although they are not that small anymore!). Oink!


Why not try it for yourself and pretend you’re the farmer with Wroxie the milkable cow. Can you fill the bucket?


Currently closed.

Head to Piggy’s Play-Sty – ideal for letting off steam before the next bout of farmyard fun. Heated indoor soft-play; perfect for little ones.

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