Our aim at Wroxham Barns is to ensure that all attractions and facilities are managed and enhanced to the very highest standards so that everyone can enjoy our offering.

We are committed to delivering accessibility for all customers, alongside an excellent level of service, which we are continually striving to improve.


Our website is kept up to date with available details of opening times, admission, contact detains, how to find us, local routes shown on a small map and information on our offer.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us by email, via an online contact form on our website, social media platforms, post or phone. Our switchboard offers an option to listen to a pre-recorded visitor information message. Should all of our team members be busy and unable to answer the phone, there is an option to leave a message on an answer-phone.


There is wheelchair access to almost all of our site including our shops and craft studios – Gallery Gifts, Courtyard Cafe, Farmyard Cafe, Fun Park and Junior Farm. The majority of our doorways are double-width.

A wheelchair is available for loan, please speak to a member of staff on arrival to see if it is available. 


We have tried to make this website as accessible as possible and easy to use for everyone, regardless of circumstance or ability. It has been developed around a simple html structure, compatible with special needs software such as speech readers or a digital magnifying lenses.


On the day, visitors can speak to a member of staff who will be able to offer assistance or answer any queries.

The Administration office is located opposite the entrance to the Junior Farm kiosk and adjacent to Junior Farm, available for inquiries and assistance Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.


Wroxham Barns is a collection of beautifully restored 18th century barns with craft workshops and is located 10 miles north of Norwich. There is a railway station at Wroxham, approximately 1.5 miles from the Barns. Our website carries extensive information on how to find us using different means of transport – by car, on foot, by bus, coach, taxi and by bike.
Wroxham Barns can be reached on foot by following the ‘brown and white’ tourist signs from Wroxham onto the Tunstead Road. On reaching the turning to Hoveton Hall Gardens there is a marked footpath along the inside of the hedge (on the right-hand side of the road as you walk from Hoveton).

From Norwich take the A1151 towards Wroxham and from Great Yarmouth the A149 towards Stalham then joining the A1151. Directional signage is by the ‘brown and white’ tourism signs. There is one entrance only for all cars, coaches and commercial vehicles.


On turning into Wroxham Barns there are two speed calming humps at the approach to the extensive car parking area.

The main visitor car park is on a grassed area, plastic track matting has been placed across the majority of the main visitor car park but not all. 

There are five disabled car parking bays are on the tarmac area and are directly outside the entrance to the Barns.


On entering Wroxham Barns the main area is tarmac, gravelled or brick weaved. Plastic track matting has been strategically placed on the gravel to ensure wheelchairs and buggies can travel across this area with ease.  Please note, this does not occur under all gravelled areas across site. There is a tarmac and brick weave pathway from the main entrance to the lower court.

The Upper Courtyard area is finished with tar and sprayed stone and the Lower Courtyard is brick weaved.

Gravelled pathways to Junior Farm and the Fun Park have the honeycomb weaving base. 


Junior Farm hosts a variety of surfaces including hard standing concrete floor, gravelled pathways and grassed areas. Please note, a number of these surfaces are un-even and do not hold plastic track matting underneath. 

The latched entrance and exit gates are grilled and are 110cm high and 120cm wide. Payment is made through an open window in the Farm Office which is 130cm high. The hand and boot washing facilities are located just to the right before the exit gate. The boot washing brushes and trough are 40cm high and beside this the hand washing facilities are 65cm high with the paper towel dispenser 110cm high.

The larger and smaller of the barns have ramps at the entrances and all of the barns have entrances of between 115-125cm wide. All of the pens, paddocks etc have fences and gates that are able to be seen though to maximise the visitor’s enjoyment of the animals on Junior Farm.

The tree top walk ways hosts 11 wooden steps up and 12 wooden steeps down at a height of 45cm. 

The Indoor Play Area Piggy’s Play Sty. This is suitable for children up to the age of 10 years. Access to the play equipment is only available for children who have socks on (socks may be purchased from the Farm Kiosk). The double door entrance is 145cm wide and whilst the entrance area is of vinyl flooring once inside the play are the floors are soft and padded. Lighting is natural and artificial. Seating is available along one side of the play area. Our Junior Farm School Room is on the right-hand side at the main entrance to Junior Farm. Access to this is via a wooden ramp on one side and a much smaller concrete ramp at the alternative side door. Both these doors are 82 cm wide. Inside are tables, benches and chairs for school parties to enjoy their lunch or alternative activities in bad weather conditions. This room is also used for our children’s birthday parties.

First Aid is available in this area.


As specified before, the pathways leading to the Fun Park are gravelled with a honeycomb weaving base. Most of the rides and facilities are on raised platforms which have yellow highlighted edges. The rides have a mixture of ramps and steps up on to ranging from 8cm to 40cm; some are also accessed through a latched gate. There is seating available for those not enjoying the activities. The Adventure Golf has many fun features, one of these being water (shallow).

Just beyond the Fun Park on the grass is a small play area with a slide, wooden swings and several wooden climbing frames. Adult supervision is advised for these activities.


The Courtyard Cafe is located in the Upper Courtyard (although there are no stairs on incline to access it). There is also outdoor seating in this area which can be covered at any time by one giant umbrella providing shelter from either rain or the sunshine. Visitors can also use the movable picnic tables which are scattered around the lower courtyard and grass areas. Entry to the Restaurant is on level flooring and is through double doors and a further single door to the Restaurant. Both are fixed open during the fine weather. The tables are of good design with legs positioned to offer highchair/wheelchair users the opportunity to get close to the table. The wide aisles are wheelchair friendly. The flooring is wood vinyl and lighting is both natural and artificial.

Menus are displayed internally and externally and hot food is served from 10am until 4.45pm.

We cater for vegans, vegetarians, dairy free, gluten free and sugar free diets, our Catering Team are happy to liaise with customers with special dietary requirements.

A list of ingredients for all products can be found on entry into the Courtyard Cafe. 

First Aid is available in this area.

The Farmyard Cafe can be accessed through the covered outdoor terrace. The entrance is level and has double doors opening outward measuring 170cm. There is an additional double outward opening door measuring 190cm. At the far end of the serving area there is an exit (staff only) leading to the Container Storage Area. The chilled self-service display shelving measures up to a height of 160cm and there is a free standing unit (height 94cm) where condiments and cutlery can be accessed. The tables and chairs are moveable and can be arranged to accommodate smaller and larger families (including wheelchairs) in the spacious indoor seating area. The floor is vinyl and light is natural and artificial.

One of the double doors leads to a covered outside seating area with chairs and tables of good design that can be easily arranged to accommodate wheelchair users. During the good weather the roof and sides of this area can be opened to allow outdoor eating and drinking. There are 2 entrances affording great accessibility from the outside at a width of 130cm and 150cm and the floor is tarmac. Lighting is natural and artificial. High chairs are readily available.

Menus are displayed internally and externally.

We cater for vegans, vegetarians, dairy free, gluten free and sugar free diets, our Catering Team are happy to liaise with customers with special dietary requirements.

A list of ingredients for all products can be found on entry into the Courtyard Cafe. 


The Toilets are located in the Upper Courtyard area (again, no incline or steps to access). The Ladies toilets (four cubicles) and the Gents (two cubicles and 6 urinals) have side-hinged doors, minimum 60cm wide. Flooring is vinyl and lighting is artificial. There are washbasins with hand dryers and each cubicle has a hook on the side. There are baby changing facility with a drop down changing unit in The Ladies, Gents and Disabled toilets.

There is a separate unisex Disabled toilet; the entrance is 84cm wide with a side hinged door. Artificial lighting is operated by a switch 120cm from the floor. The toilet seat height is 48cm and there is a horizontal grab rail fitted to the wheelchair side transfer area, transfer space is 90cm. The sink is 70cm high with lever taps and the hand dryer is 110cm high.


The Gallery (upper courtyard) is a two-storey retail building selling a variety of goods on the ground floor with such items as clothes, handbags and jewellery on the upper floor, access to the upper floor is currently by stairs only. There are two access points into the ground floor of the shop, a stepped entrance and a level entrance to the rear of the shop. Signage is in place offering directions to the rear entrance for flat entry (no steps). Flooring is on the whole, worn flagstone and upstairs the floor is carpeted. The height of the counters is 90cm. Lighting levels are good and even, with areas of both natural and artificial lighting. The three changing areas in Gallery Clothing are extremely generous. The external staircase is for fire escape purposes only.


Courtyard Confectionery often referred to as the fudge shop has two steps (120mm and 140mm) at the entrance. The floor here is of vinyl and the natural lighting is very good. The height of the counter is 95cm.

Located in the Lower Courtyard, four steps are needed to gain access to this shop, handrails are in place. There is a level entrance to the rear of the shop. The aisles are wide and the height of the counter is 96cm. Flooring is vinyl and there is good artificial lighting.


Willow Tree Delicatassen is located next door to the Farmyard Cafe. The double outward opening doors measure 170cm. There is a second exit door (fire exit) measuring 84cm at the side of the till area. The whole area of the shop has a vinyl floor. Toward the Farmyard Cafe area there is a slight slope in the flooring to bring it in line with the Farmyard Cafe. Lighting is natural and artificial and the counter heights are 93cm. Materials and goods are displayed from floor to ceiling, staff are on hand to assist where ever necessary.

The Norfolk Cider Shop is located directly opposite to the entrance to Wroxham Barns. The double outward opening doors (170cm) are hooked back whenever the shop is open affording great accessibility. Counter height is 92cm and the flooring is carpet. Light is natural.

This is located adjacent to the Upper Courtyard. The workshop (one level) is approached via a steep 1:6.8 ramp with a hand rail to the left. The outward opening door is 80cm wide and leads on to painted concrete and matting. The area behind the counter (80cm high) Lucia can be seen working at her craft. The lighting is natural and artificial.

Coastal Stained Glass is located next to Lucia’s Studio and also has a ramp of 1:14.4 leading up to the outward opening door of 78cm. This workshop is also on one level and has a painted concrete floor. There are wide aisles, lighting is natural and artificial and the counter height is 95cm. This is also a workshop where Tim can be seen working his craft.

This unit’s main entrance is adjacent to Junior Farm at the top end of the Lower Courtyard. There is a small ramp on either side of the entrance door into the shop area which is carpeted. The outward opening door is 80cm wide. Display shelving reaches from floor to ceiling and staff are happy assist customers. The payment counter is 90cm high and is towards the back of the shop. The aisles are spacious and lighting is natural and artificial.

This unit is situated between Nansa and Sue Windley in the Lower Courtyard. Access is through the entrance door (82cm wide) which has a slight ramp. The entrance foyer has a vinyl floor and this leads into the Treatment room through another door (82cms). Here the floor is and all lighting is artificial. The treatment couch is adjustable.

Located in the right hand bottom corner of the Lower Courtyard, the door is 95cm wide. The flooring of the unit is vinyl (wood effect in the display area) with tall display shelving (up to 185cm). Display units in the middle of the flooring are on wheels and are easy to move to allow better access. Help is always available should you require assistance for those items out of reach. The counter height is 88 cm high and lighting is natural and artificial.

In the Made By You section of the unit there are 2 fixed long tables with benches along each side (space for 1 wheelchair). This area has good natural light as well as artificial for doing the activities.

This unit is placed between Sue Windley and The Norfolk Gallery in the Lower Courtyard. Access is gained through the 85cm wide door with small ramps either side. The flooring is carpeted and the counter area at the back of the shop is 90cm high. Lighting is natural and artificial.

As with most of the units in the Lower Courtyard there is a small ramp into The Norfolk Gallery and again down into the shop area.  The archway between these two units is 120cm wide. Payment for items purchased in Pictura is made at the Norfolk Gallery counter.

Assistance dogs are welcome in all areas, except for Junior Farm. A number of water bowls are provided throughout the Upper and Lower Courtyards. 


There is background music in many of the retail areas, as well as played throughout the Upper and Lower Courtyards. 


Key staff receive customer service, Basic Food Hygiene and First Aid training. 

There are no public phones at Wroxham Barns although should a taxi be needed a member of staff will be able to assist.

Local accessible taxi numbers:   24/7 Taxis 01603 782247 or Wroxham Taxis 01603 782925.

We have a no smoking policy.

We accept all major debit and credit cards and cash back is available from Gallery Gifts and the Restaurant.

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve, if you have any comments please do get in touch. 

Telephone: 01603 783762
Email:    info@wroxhambarns.co.uk
Website:    www.wroxhambarns.co.uk

Or complete one of our customer comment cards on-site and hand it to a member of or post to the following address (postage free of charge).

Wroxham Barns Ltd
Tunstead Road
NR12 8QU

Grid Reference:    TG 305 156
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Hours of operation:    10am to 5pm
Junior Farm & Fun Park (Seasonal) Weekends and everyday of the Norfolk school holidays from February to October.


Wroxham Barns – 2022

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