Everybody at Wroxham Barns is looking forward to meeting two new arrivals on Junior Farm, just in time for the half-term holidays! 

Ant and Dec are two cheeky, cuddly Alpacas who have come from a local couple who were really keen for them to go to a lovely new home and the whole team at Wroxham Barns are delighted that they decided that Junior Farm was the perfect place.  They will live with the sheep herd and have a new purpose-built shelter. 

It’s the first time Wroxham Barns have had this type of animal and they will become permanent members of the Junior Farm family. Just like their namesakes, they’re very friendly and very cheeky and the team can’t wait to meet them, so they’ve been finding out some fascinating facts about Alpacas who were domesticated more than 6,000 years ago. 

  • They have soft pads on the bottom of their feet which don’t dig into the ground like hooves.
  • They can live up to 25 years and they make a “humming” sound 
  • Some farmers use them as “lawnmowers” as they simply eat the tops of the grass, rather than pull it up by the roots. 
  • Their incredible fleece is water-resistant and much warmer than sheep’s wool but not as “itchy”.

Ant and Dec are in their prime at 7 years old and in the warmer weather they apparently love to be sprinkled with a hosepipe so will be sure to enjoy Junior Farm Fest planned for the school summer holidays with it’s “watery theme”! Meanwhile, there’ll be lots more going on at Junior Farm this Half-Term for all the family: meeting the baby animals (piglets, chicks and lambs) as well as the indoor craft bar

Book your tickets to lambing live now and meet our Alpacas: https://wroxhambarns.digitickets.co.uk/event-tickets/26330?catID=25636&