Hector’s Wheels – follow the adventures of Hector and Reggie the beagle brothers

Hector the beagle was born with a disabled front leg and was set to go and live his life in a dogs’ home until the perfect human family and a very special American wheelchair came along and now he and his brother Reggie live in Norwich with Victoria Haddon and his adventures have been told in her delightful book called “Hector’s Wheels”, illustrated by Sophie Fletcher.

Follow this remarkable beagle and his brother on their adventures as they face the trials and tribulations that his disability brings and discover how he overcomes adversity to lead an exceptionally full and active life.

Author Victoria will be at Wroxham Barns between 11.00am – 12.30pm on Wednesday 29th May accompanied of course by Hector and Reggie and visitors can buy copies of her book from Gallery Gifts.  Come along and meet Victoria, Hector and Reggie and discover their heartwarming story, buy your copy of Hector’s Wheels and Victoria will sign it for you.